Incipio NGP Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

The last thing you want to do is drop your beautiful new phone, but it happens. So, be prepared with the NGP case from Incipio. This case gives your phone just enough coverage to protect it without hiding its beauty.

The NGP is made from ‘translucent, shock absorbing Flex2O polymer material that is stretch and tear resistant.’ From what we can tell, it lives up to that description. Many cheap rubber shells stretch and can come off easily, but the NGP fits very snugly without being difficult to put on nor remove. Although it’s not clear how much of an impact this case can take, it sure seems like it will protect your phone if it accidentally drops off the desk.

The power and volume buttons are covered and easy to use. The cutout for the mute switch, however, is small, making the button difficult to reach. There are three separate cutouts on the base of the phone for the headphone jack and mic, the Lightning port, and the speaker. The camera and flash have a nice large opening so as not to cause any problems.

This case is very smooth, which is great for sliding in and out of a pocket, but may not be so great in your hands—something to consider if you’re looking for a rubbery case to improve your grip on the phone.


The NGP case is a simple straightforward product that will protect your phone without adding any bulk. It comes in six colors (red, pink, blue, teal, black and frost) and you can order it directly from Incipio for just $20.

Good: Slim, lightweight impact protection.

Bad: A bit slippery.