FlapIt, the Social Media Analog Follower Counter

Watch followers tick up in number old-school style with this analog flapper counter. This looks like it would be a fun gift for the social media obsessed or a fantastic motivational tool for a marketing department. However, we can’t guarantee against the inevitable sads that come when you lose a follower or ten. It also can be customized to display messages or promotions.

The marketing of this company seems to revolve around convincing us that businesses should market to social media. Set up of FlapIt is simple. Plug in the counter, connect to “flapit” network, and go to the assigned website to set up your accounts. It then is ready to flap through the various accounts and help you keep a running tab of followers. Eleven social media platforms can be displayed, including Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Swarm, Weibo, qzone, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Google Analytics.

This goes for a hefty $300, but its real value is in its customizability. It can be customized to display anything from promotions to discounts to fun messages via their web app. Being able to place this somewhere highly visible, such as a store front window, or check out counter, could really pay for getting followers, which then translates into marketable continuous customers, as well as being able to lure people in with flashy promotions. This fun modern meets vintage product is available for preorder at FlapIt.

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