MommyTech TV- HugOne is a Sleep Monitoring System For Your Entire Family

Smart health and fitness devices by and large have remained dumb in one critical way—they forget how many of us live in families. Smart devices and their apps are usually set up for an individual person to use, but what about the people who want to monitor their whole family’s health? That’s something SevenHugs thought about when they designed HugOne, a new sleep monitoring system.

Simon Tchedikian of SevenHugs sat down with Rebecca Levey of MommyTech TV to talk about his company’s new sleep monitoring system, which eschews wearables in favor of something that makes more sense for multiple people. Using a central control unit and a set of small sensors that can be placed on individual mattresses, HugOne can monitor the whole family’s sleep, pulling all of that data into one app. Parents can keep track of the entire family from one dashboard, saving time and providing peace of mind.

The HugOne sensors can do more than measure duration and consistency of sleep habits. They also track temperature and humidity levels in individual rooms, telling parents if they need to adjust the climate in one of the kids’ rooms to help them get a better night’s sleep.

HugOne is one of the all-too-rare smart home devices that are really built for the home, helping the family to stay happy and healthy as a unit. Here’s hoping we see more and more smart home devices following suit.

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