Inmotion SCV is like a Segway but Way More Affordable – Chip Chick

Inmotion SCV is like a Segway but Way More Affordable

The Inmotion SCV is pretty much a Segway on the cheap, but in a good way. Coming in at about $2,700, it is more than half the price of a Segway and does everything it can do and then some.

The Inmotion SCV can rotate 360 degrees, hit up to nine miles per hour, and gets 18 miles for every charge of its 4 Ah Lithium Battery Pack (or a 6 Ah Lithium Battery Pack upgrade option). For the overly ambitious mall cop, extra batteries can be kept on hand to get more mileage if needed.

It is self-balancing technology that only takes a few minutes to intuitively get the hang of, then it just becomes an extension of your body. The Inmotion SCV can be easily dismantled for transport, and just as quickly reassembled, weighing only 35 pounds in total. That is svelte compared to the Segway, which is 105 pounds. Being that this is an electric vehicle, it is a great choice for the environmentally conscious. It also syncs with an app and lets you see stats for the day’s travels.

Applications could include senior living and those with bad legs who may appreciate being to able to get out to the park in a jiff. Large companies may like to use these for their security teams. And these are always a tour company favorite—being half the cost of a Segway, a start up using these for tours just got more affordable. Or if you are quirky, hate riding a bike, and live close to your job, maybe this would be a fun way to get to work. See Inmotion for more.