Most Awesome CES Lenovo Giveaway! Win the Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 and More!!!

CES takes over Vegas this week, and if you’re a gadget obsessed girl or guy like we are, then you know that it’s pretty much the most exciting week of the year. Last year Lenovo announced several awesome PCs and gadgets at the show, and this year we expect to see more of the same. But not only are we covering these new announcements – but we’re also giving away several Lenovo laptops and tablets! The prize list includes The 13″ Yoga Pro 3 laptop , the Yoga Tablet 2, The 13” Yoga Tablet Pro and an awesome 17” Y70 Gaming laptop. So enter to win below!

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Disclaimer: CES 2015 coverage has been brought to you by Lenovo. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own


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  1. My favorite is the new yoga Pro 3 Gaming Laptop!! I start to drool about the 17″ though.. BTW Great Giveaway, Thanks!!

  2. I am most excited about the Y70 Gaming laptop, and also the Yoga Tablet Pro. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


  3. My fav is the Yoga Pro. Always loved Lenovo Yoga Series. Also the The Lenovo 17” Y70 Gaming laptop is a close second.

  4. The Y70 Touch is excellent and I got a Yoga Tablet Pro 2 with projector which is beyond cool!!!

  5. I have to say the Yoga Pro 3 Gaming Laptop! Awesome features! This one is pretty incredible!!!

  6. I think the Lenovo Y70 Gaming laptop is an awesome machine not only for gaming but also for creative productivity!

  7. The Lenovo 17” Y70 Gaming Laptop IS awesome! Full HD display, powerful graphics, and premium audio makes it a gamer’s dream machine! Would love to win- thank you!

  8. The Lenovo 17” Y70 Gaming Laptop IS awesome! Full HD display, powerful graphics, and premium audio makes it a gamer’s dream machine! Would love to win- thank you!

  9. The x1 looks awesome and the specs are NICE. As a new blogger winning a new computer would be amazing!

  10. The new version of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is my favorite, because it packs so much power in a thin and light laptop.

  11. Oh I really love the The 13? Yoga Pro 3 laptop! That would be so wonderful for the New Year!!!

  12. I Love the Lenovo 17″ Gaming Laptop it just makes me want one so bad for my Yoga work which helps my Fibro. pain.

  13. I’m excited about the LaVie convertible laptop. Lightweight and the perfect size for travel.

  14. Lenovo B50 All-in-One Packs in a 3D Camera . I love this laptop the fact that it had depth 3D camera I can enjoy working within while connecting with my family . Tha an for the chance by introducing this amazing products and thank you Lenovo for updating Lenovo

  15. The Yoga Pro 3 gaming laptop! But all the new techy toys so far look super duper neat! #CES2015

  16. Hey, thanks for the awesome giveaway, the best product of CES 2015 according to me is the flex 3, because you guys are awesome to provide us a low budget 2-in1 with all the 4 modes. Thanks guys, I already own flex 2 and was thinking at the back of my mind couldn’t I get full 360 degree hinge, but I am proud of you guys after hearing the flex 3, thanks…. Well for the giveaway would be more than happy to receive any of the gifts! Cheers and Happy new year!!

  17. So many new and interesting things this year and always a pleasure to follow your adventures. I think the one I am most impressed with and how you described it is the ThinkPad X1 Carbon . The storage on that is insane. The Yoga Pro 3 is also impressive. I like everything I am seeing
    ellen beck on the silly form

  18. My favorite is the S41 because of the slim form factor and the fact that it still has hard hitting gaming performance despite it’s size. Even though this is not on your list it’s an amazing laptop

  19. There are so many exciting new products! My favorite is the LaVie Z HZ550 because it is so lightweight! As a blogger I am always carrying my laptop with me wherever I go and the lighter the better! I like the size and versatility of a laptop but the weight of them is always a negative for me. So for them being under 2 pounds is a real plus! I really don’t mind that it is still thick in depth, I like that it offers all the bells and whistles I look for in a laptop to get all my tasks done effectively.

  20. I’m still toting around my Mom’s old (and heavy) laptop, so
    Lenovo’s LaVie Z Laptops are Truly Lighter Than Air appeals to me!

  21. Would be great to win the Y70 Gaming Laptop – I don’t even own a laptop, pc or smartphone yet

  22. Lenovo B50, a 23.8? all-in-one PC.. i have an all in one right now.. a much older model. i love mine..to have a newer model with a 3d camera..uh ya

  23. Yes, the Yoga Pro 3 is sick! Love the real portability and still able to handle light gaming, the Carbon is nice too but a close second

  24. I am excited for the X1 Carbon because I need a high performance machine to achieve my tasks.

  25. I liked the Lenovo B50 All in One pack with the 3D Camera! Thanks for the opportunity! I have always wanted to have a Lenovo!!

  26. I would love the ThinkPad X1 Carbon! I am in desperate need of a new laptop and this would absolutely do the trick 🙂

  27. I love the Lenovo LaVie Z laptops. I am starting law school in the fall and am searching for a laptop that is portable and stylish. I am so glad that Lenovo has released a laptop that is not only thin and light, but also, reliable and packed with features.

  28. The LaVie Z laptops look pretty awesome to me and the lightweight, easy carry laptop seems to pack a real punch!

  29. My favorite Lenovo product that was announced at CES 2015 is the Lenovo LaVie Z laptop HZ750 convertible. Would love to carry this light weight machine where I need it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  30. Yoga pro 3 gaming laptop I love to game but my laptop now has difficulty handling the data

  31. I am so stoked about the Yoga Pro 3, i have seen some videos and reviews about it and I think that will fit my techy lifestyle. 🙂

  32. Thanks for the giveaway!!! Lenovo makes excellent tech. I just got a Yoga Tablet Pro and not only is it user friendly & stand/hang anywhere; it has has loud speakers and the most awesome projector!!! This it the coolest tablet ever!!!
    They really think about the user when they build their products. I’d love to pair it up with this Yoga Pro 3!!! 🙂

  33. Please let me win! I want the the Yoga Pro 3 laptop , the Yoga Tablet 2, the Yoga Tablet Pro and the Y70 Gaming laptop. I want it all !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please gimme one 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks ChipChick and Lenovo!

  34. Please let me win! I want the the Yoga Pro 3 laptop , the Yoga Tablet 2, the Yoga Tablet Pro and the Y70 Gaming laptop. I want it all !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please gimme one 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks ChipChick and Lenovo!

    But I want more the Monster Beast and Beautiful Gaming Laptop!

  35. The new Flex 3 looks like a great option for those on a budget. This would be a great option for me to use at home and at school.

  36. Right now I’m loving the Lenovo pro 3, but they all sound amazing & would make everyone’s online experience better. Thanks for the amazing opportunity! Way to go Lenovo

  37. I am most excited about the LENOVO® Y70 TOUCH gaming laptop. With an Intel i7-4710HQ that clocks in at 2.50GHz the performance will give users the. I petite edge required to annihilate the enemy team. In addition the use of the NVIDIA® GTX 860M as appraised by gpuboss with a acorn of 7.4 out of ten indicates that games will be able to partake in superior graphics rendering resulting in an superb gaming experience. A noticeable downside is that with superior horsepower the battery-life took some damage with only 5-hours of unplugged game play expectable, however compared to other machines this seems to be within market parameters compared for example to the Razer-blade pro which has a battery-life of around 4-hours sitting idle but is drastically reduced when actually put into use. An additional advantage that the LENOVO® Y70 TOUCH has over the competitors is the built in webcam with 720p resolution allowing for gamers both to communicate with their teams and additionally, making it a valid choice for Internet bloggers. Overall I am impressed with the product. Thank you for the awesome give away Chip Chick!

  38. For the home the Lenovo B50, a 23.8? all-in-one PC would be Awesome to watch shows on, great size screen for weary working eyes as well.

  39. My favorite new Lenovo product would be the Yoga Pro 3 followed closley by the Y70 Gaming laptop. To think that you can have a gaming laptop that isn’t a custom build is Awesome!

  40. I really like the new Yoga Tablet 2 with Anypen, really cool concept. The New Yoga 3 with the nvidia graphics is pretty awesome too.

  41. One of my favorite is the upgraded ThinkPad Yoga with 3D Depth Sensing Camera. This is going to be very cool 🙂

  42. I really like everything that they have but especially the Lenovo 17” Y70 Gaming laptop 🙂 ! thank you so much for running this its amazing!

  43. Hey who were your lucky winners? One of these days I am going to CES and likely stand there like a dolt but with wide eyes!

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