Seagate Shows Off Seven – Worlds Thinnest External Hard Drive

Sometimes, CES is at its best when companies just go out there and show off for the sake of showing off. Take the Seagate Seven—did Seagate need to make a 7 mm thick HDD? Probably not, but we’re glad they did anyway.

The Seagate Seven is a 500 GB external hard drive that, at 7 mm, is the world’s thinnest. It resembles the internal hard drives that Seagate built its name on, but it looks every bit a sleek, modern device. The drive is encased in steel and engineered so precisely that, according to Seagate, it literally could not have been any thinner.

But, let’s not talk it up too much—the Seagate Seven is a 500 GB external hard drive, nothing more. It just happens to be the coolest looking external hard drive, and hey, that might just be worth the $100 asking price. You’ll be able to see for yourself when the Seagate Seven launches later this month.

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