Sol Republic Deck Ultra Review

Sol Republic’s Deck Speaker was one of the standout speakers of 2014. Between its fun color choices, and the fact that it was jam packed with features, the Deck rocked. So how do you make a great portable speaker even greater? Sol Republic has redesigned the Deck so that its second generation speaker is more powerful than ever.

PUMP UP THE VOLUME. The first gen Deck was a plenty powerful speaker, but Sol Republic has doubled the volume and power for the 2nd generation Deck Speaker, AKA the Deck Ultra – by packing in a bigger boost and more powerful sonics.

Unfortunately, this extra power does come at a price – to that effect, the new DECK is a bit heftier and larger. However, if you’re looking for a smaller speaker with not nearly as much heft, Sol Republic’s PUNK speaker is a fraction of the size, yet it sounds just as good and powerful as the first gen Deck speaker. You can check out our full review of the ultra portable Punk speaker here.

Sol Republic has always been about fun designs and bold colors, and the new Deck continues in that tradition too, by being available in a choice of blue or black, with more colors coming soon. As for features – the Deck Ultra comes packing in all of the same high tech features of the original Deck – NFC pairing, speakerphone, and heist mode.



The same great features of the original Deck have been passed down to the Deck Ultra speaker, and the Deck series continues to be a tricked out, feature rich portable bluetooth speaker that is now more powerful than ever. All in all, this is one portable speaker that is ready to become the life of a party and not just fill a small room. You can pick up Sol Republic’s DECK ULTRA for $149 or just $131 on Amazon, and if you’re looking for a great bargain, the first gen DECK is now available for just $99.

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The Good: It gets really, really loud! Extra long bluetooth range of up to up to 450 feet away, new color choices, still packed with tons of features – including NFC, more affordable this time around

The Bad: It’s a bit heavier and larger than the previous generation, audio is solid but it’s still not an audiophile’s speaker system