Stir Kinetic M1 Desk a Smart Desk with a Touchscreen

A little over a year ago, we saw the standing desk get smart with Stir’s Kinetic Desk. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled desk could change from sit mode to stand mode and keep track of how long you sit and stand at work, data that was later pulled into Fitbit’s fitness tracking app. Today, we’re seeing the next generation of Stir’s Kinetic Desk—it’s called the M1, and it’s better, cheaper, and leaner than its predecessor.

The M1 is a little smaller than the previous Kinetic Desk and has sloping edges, so it’ll be more comfortable to rest your arms on the side of the desk. Cable management has been improved too—the tabletop holes for cables are still here from the previous version, along with two grooves at the back of the desk that you can push cables into to make everything look neater. The processor that controls the movements of the desk (from sit to stand) and powers storage of your fitness stats and desk settings has been upgraded, and the touchscreen used to control the desk has been enlarged to a 5″ 800 x 480 display.

That touchscreen will be important for saving your settings. Settings aren’t just for your desk—your preferences will be saved to your own unique profile and stored on a cloud server. That means if you’re ever working away from the office, or just need to use someone else’s desk in an emergency, you can instantly upload your user profile to the M1 desk in front of you. That way, you have continuity with the stats being recorded, and you can instantly adjust your temporary desk to your exact preferences without worrying about screwing things up for the other person—they’ll be able to switch their M1 back onto their profile when you’re done.

Stir is also working on an Android and iOS app that would let you control the desk from your smartphone, and could open up more third-party functionality to make your smart desk even smarter.

The M1 is available today from Stir for $2,990. The old Kinetic Desk has been renamed the F1 and has been upgraded with a faster processor. The F1 remains thicker and sturdier than the new M1, and remains quite a bit more expensive at $4,190.