MommyTech TV- Toca Boca Will Turn Your Kids Into a MasterChef

Toca Boca has been one of many app developers taking the lead in creating fun, kid-friendly apps that focus on open-ended play. One of their most popular creations is Toca Kitchen, an app that lets little ones cook up whatever (really, whatever) they can imagine, before getting the judgment from some very brave animated taste testers. Jens Peter de Pedro of Toca Boca was at CES 2015 to show off the brand new Toca Kitchen 2, and he stopped by MommyTech TV to tell Rebecca Levey all about his team’s new culinary masterpiece.

Toca Kitchen 2 brings back all the open-ended fun of the first app, but adds new ingredients to the refrigerator, new ways to cook, and new hungry friends whose facial expressions will tell you exactly what they think of the food coming out of this kitchen. Diced pears? Yum! Fried pear smoothie with pepper? Maybe not so much. All three of the new taste testers like different things, so kids have a lot of room to just go nuts with whatever they find in the fridge to see what kind of reaction they’ll get.

Besides, better the little ones hone their cooking skills with digital dicers and virtual frying pans, right?

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