Braven LUX is One Classy Looking Speaker

Last year was the year fashionable tech was just starting to become a Thing. Well, it’s a fully-fledged Thing here in 2015. You can bet we’ll be seeing tons of gadgets trying to look runway-ready, and we’re not just talking about wearables. Even though fashionable Bluetooth speakers aren’t exactly new, we’re expecting a lot more of them this year. One of the early ones is the Braven LUX, a portable Bluetooth speaker in an elegant metallic case.

Like other Braven Bluetooth speakers, the LUX can pair up with another Braven speaker for stereo sound, is water resistant (IPX5), has a microphone for use as a speakerphone, and has a gigantic battery that can be used to charge other mobile devices on the go. That said, the battery isn’t as hefty as a lot of other Bluetooth speakers, with Braven putting battery life at about 12 hours. It’ll boast the same sound quality as Braven’s other Bluetooth speakers, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

But, let’s not miss the forest for the trees—LUX is here to look fabulous. It comes in a metallic case with a perforated fan design, and is available in three colors—purple, white and gold. They look a little more upscale than your average portable Bluetooth speaker, but fortunately, the price doesn’t reflect that. The Braven LUX is available now from Braven for $100.

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