At Fashion Week, Digital Couture Means Printed Clothing on the Runway

New York Fashion Week has officially kicked off, and one of the names we were most excited to see on the runway was Epson—more specifically, the 11 up-and-coming fashion design teams whose creations were brought to life by Epson’s dye sublimation SureColor F-Series Printers, like the custom T-shirt-friendly F2000.

The Epson Digital Couture showcase featured a pan-American sampling of talent, with representatives from North, South and Central America. There were stylish oversized coats from Costa Rica, sci-fi-inspired fashion from Peru, and a whole lot more garments cut from the same cloth—or at least printed with the same dye. Epson’s printers quickly and faithfully infuse dye into plain garments, bringing designers’ ideas to life much faster and more efficiently than before while expanding what those designers can actually create. It’s like the customization and flexibility of 3D printing, but specifically for the fashion industry.

With their Digital Couture event, Epson is trying to raise the profile of both their dye-sublimation printers and the new fashion designers adopting them. If it all works out, this could be the latest technology to reshape the way fashion is produced.DSC07454DSC07449

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