MommyTech TV – Fable is the Perfect Tablet for Kids

The tablet market is far enough along to where even the kids tablet race is getting pretty crowded. We have VTech, LeapFrog, and countless others vying for the attention of the youngest of tech adopters among us, but Isabella Products thinks they have something special in their new Fable tablet. Matthew Growney of Isabella Products told MommyTech TV’s Rebecca Levey just why that is.

The 7″ Fable tablet is based on Android, but you wouldn’t know it from using it. Isabella Products has crafted their own user experience, using simple, picture-based menus that kids of all ages will have an easy time navigating. And, for those scared about releasing their kids into the wilderness of the unfettered Internet, Fable creates a walled garden, sprouting with original content created just for Fable while keeping the weeds of the greater Internet out.

At the outset, the Fable tablet will feature over 450 content partners contributing apps, games, storybooks, and educational material that will help keep kids engaged and interested—there will be so much to explore, kids hopefully won’t notice or care about that other Internet they’re not seeing. The same goes for contacts—using a web app, trusted contacts will be able to add their information and their own content to a child’s Fable tablet. Kids will be able to send messages and share things they like with those contacts, and only those contacts, which could include parents, family, friends and teachers.

Teachers are also meant to play a big role in Fable. Isabella Products has pilot programs in New England and Harlem, where they’re testing out Fable’s potential in the classroom. The tablet already has a menu option for worksheets, where teachers can push assignments to young students.

Can Fable compete with those other kids tablets? We’ll find out when the tablet ships in March.