This Purse Doubles as a Weapon

Any kids want to be like those totally rad women in movies that pack heat in their handbags? Well, here’s the kid-friendly version of that. The latest in Nerf’s probably unnecessary but whatever line of dart guns for girls is the Rebelle Secret Shot, a blaster that folds up into a purse. Or, a purse-looking thing. I don’t think it can actually hold anything besides foam darts and girl power.

The faux-purse folds out into a blaster with the press of a button, allowing for some pretty quick and stealthy mall warfare. The Secret Shot has a 75-foot range and comes with three collectible darts. I’m going to level with you, I have no idea what makes these darts collectible. I would think Nerf darts would make the worst collectibles, because most of them usually end up under couches, where they not only cannot be seen, but will in all likelihood never be seen again. Maybe calling them collectible is part of Nerf’s initiative to make kids more mindful of the location of their foam darts, which would be a very laudable example of corporate responsibility.


Anyway, there’s also an extra dart that can carry secret messages inside, but it looks like that one’s not collectible. Can’t win them all.

The latest in preteen spy gear will hit toy and department stores this spring and will retail for $20.

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