MommyTech TV – Introducing Parenting Bytes, a Podcast About Parenting and Tech

CES—it’s so big, it’s hard to make sense of it all! But, MommyTech TV’s Andrea Smith and Rebecca Levey are here to do just that, breaking down the good and bad of CES, while saving up a little announcement of their own for the end.

Rebecca and Andrea hit on all the major trends of CES, including smart home devices, TVs, and wearables. Frustrated that the vaunted Internet of Things tends to be a little disconnected? So are those two, but there’s good news on the horizon with initiatives like Works With Nest, a way for new smart home devices to integrate Nest’s range of smart home devices into their own functionality.

In televisions, Rebecca is liking the new trend of television makers using existing smart TV interfaces like Roku’s, instead of trying to make their own. Using Roku’s expertise in set top boxes and connected TVs has led to a lot of new smart TVs that work better, with Roku’s search functionality that can find content across all services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

And, thankfully, just about everyone in wearables this year showed off a focus on fashion, which was expressed in about as many ways as there are companies making wearables. One of the partnerships that shone brightest was the collaboration between Swarovski and Misfit, with a new wristband for the Misfit Shine fitness tracker covered in crystals. With more and more fitness trackers being marketed as 24/7 fitness devices, they need to look good outside of the gym, too, and this new wristband definitely fits the bill.

And, last but not least, the duo had their own announcement—a new podcast! Parenting Bytes will be part of the new CBS podcast network announced at CES 2015. It’ll be a weekly 45-minute podcast touching on the intersection of modern technology and parenting, with a segment for answering listeners’ questions. If you’re a parent trying to figure out how to raise a kid in a connected world, give it a listen!

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