Shark Cat Bed is Begging to Star in a Cat Video

If cats don’t like water, I can only imagine what their feelings about sharks are. One enterprising designer, however, seeks to forge an unlikely friendship between the two, turning the jaws of a shark into a safe and welcoming place for our feline friends.

The Shark Cat Bed is a soft, comfy cat bed in the form of a hungry shark. Inside the shark’s belly is soft, cotton padding that cats can snuggle up in. Like most cat beds, it looks comfortable enough to make humans jealous of the incredible advances in cat comfort technology.

Also, there are openings at both ends, so while cats can climb right into the shark’s jaws, well, they can enter through the other side, too. Or exit. There are a lot of weird implications here that I won’t go into in detail.

The cozy Shark Cat Bed is available on Uncommon Goods for $100. The designer, Jennifer Schmidt, makes each one to order, which should make your cat feel that much more gratitude for the royal treatment they enjoy (expect).

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