Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2015

If you, like me, have managed to deftly avoid being in a relationship for Valentine’s Day, congratulations! Relax and enjoy your February. Everyone else probably should have gotten cracking on finding a Valentine’s Day gift at least two weeks ago, but I’m guessing that hasn’t happened more often than not. And, while the incredible dispatch speed of Amazon has revolutionized last-minute shopping, I don’t know if you want to bank your relationship on it just yet.

It’s cool, though. We’re here to help with a carefully picked selection of Valentine’s Day gifts sure to please your sweetheart. I mean, you’re bound to find one or two here that will work for your special someone. You know what will work for your special someone, right? Right?


Tory Burch for Fitbit Silicone Amore Bracelet

Tory Burch’s latest bracelet for the Fitbit Flex is a blue silicone band dotted with red hearts. I’m sure the timing is a coincidence. The Amore band is available from Tory Burch for $38.


Philip Stein Horizon bracelet

I don’t know if the natural frequency stuff actually relieves stress or what, but the Horizon bracelets sure do look nice, combining a silk-covered calf leather wristband with a diamond-encrusted stainless steel case. The diamond-encrusted bracelets are upwards of 400, but you can find cheaper options without the diamonds for a little over 100.

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