Who Needs an Apple Watch – When You Can Make a LEGO Apple Watch!

Apple Watch looking too expensive for you? No problem, you might just have everything you need to build your own at home. It might lack a few core features, but you know, can’t have everything when cutting costs.

A guy named Chris McVeigh has fashioned an Apple Watch out of LEGO pieces, and he’s a solid enough dude to post up instructions and a list of pieces you’ll need to build your own. The 74-piece watch includes a stainless steel-colored band with app-colored dots. The watch face isn’t gold, though, so this is clearly the budget model of the LEGO Apple Watch.

Cult of Mac guides us to McVeigh’s website, which has full instructions for the LEGO Apple Watch, along with more custom LEGO creations that you can try out. As for the watch, we’re thinking this one is going to give the Apple Watch a run for its money in the fashion department. And customization? Come on, you can’t beat LEGO there.