Minimalist Pet Cave Is Your Furry Friend’s New Ultra-Hip Pad

templatesProbably thanks to Apple and the architecture world’s rejection of fancy things, minimalism is your ticket to hip living. Same goes for your pets, so unless you want all the other neighborhood pets to start turning up their noses at you and yours, you’re going to need something like the Missy Cave from Pup & Kit.

This pet bed is made of wooden pentagonal panels, forming a pentagonal prism, which is how you should describe it when other people come over. That opens up a cozy little area for your pet to snuggle up in, but it also allows the cave to double as an end table for the humans.


Customization options? Have to make it your (pet’s) own, right? You can get a Sunbrella fabric or canvas print cushion inside, while the cave itself can come in Baltic birch plywood, walnut, oak or maple with custom finishing as an option.

The Missy Cave is painfully hip, as we’ve seen. That means it needs to come with an equally painful price! The Missy Cave costs $900 on Pup & Kit.