Win the Lumia 1520 Phone!

Spring is in the air. Unless you’re located in the North East – where it doesn’t feel like Spring at all yet. In any case, to celebrate Spring, we’re giving away the larger-than-life Lumia 15 phone running Windows. This smartphone packs in a 6″ display and Carl Zeiss optics. And there are several ways to win, but to get the most entry points – go ahead and leave a comment telling us why you want a Lumia!

Looking for ideas on why you’d want to switch to a Lumia? Check out our video: 6 Reasons why it’s Time to Switch to Lumia.

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  1. ive been wanting this phone for ages! lumia makes a wonderful phone and i love the bright cheery color of this one!

  2. My beloved HTC bit the dust after the warranty expired. I’m using a Posh Titan and it’s ok but not helping me forget my HTC…

  3. I want a Lumia Phone because I have a flip phone and it’s time to get with the technology.

  4. I want the Lumia 1520 since your review shows me all the great features it has and love the bright colors since I am always misplacing my phone.

  5. This 1520 phone is my favorite because of the colors, cortana, and Microsoft Word! What more could you ask for?

  6. I would like a Lumia phone because I think the camera is superior to other phones out there.

  7. I don’t know which is my favorite since I have never owned a Lumia but I’ll go with the 1520 after reading your review.

  8. You seem to have forgotten to announce any sort of winner to your previous competition.

    Care to explain?

  9. Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIM ! 13mb camera and almost 6″ inch screen – Whats not to love?!

  10. I really want a Lumia phone the phone I have is really outdated and I love how Stylish and great this is .

  11. I would like to win the Lumia 1520 for my 78 year old (May 18,2015) mother who had open heart surgery on my birthday October 2014, as I am teaching her how to use a smartphone and a computer and as she said ” it’s about time I learn before my time is up.”

  12. I really Like this 1520 and the Yellow color of this one is great I wouldn’t miss place it.

  13. I need to leave Motorola asap their new line of phone has major defects in craftsmanship. I heard these new Nokia’s are really nice.

  14. I want to be part of the ecosystem and link everything through mh laptop and my phone. Adding this to my ecosystem will sync me all together!

  15. My favorite Lumia would be a toss-up between the 1520 and the 1020. I like the 1020 because of its INSANE 41mp camera that no one else can come close to matching. But then I like the 1520 because its got amazing specs and also has a great camera. I guess if I had to pic just one it would be the 1520.

  16. 1520 and same answer It’s the perfect marriage between smartphone and tablet with an awesome camera!!!!

  17. I want to win this Lumia to replace my aging 520. Cortana is amazing and the speed and fluidity of the interface is unparalleled. Would be most excited for the excellent camera that Lumias are known for. The 1020 would be my favorite of course because the camera.

  18. I’d want this for my brother. Has no smartphone at all, and the reviews are very good for the Lumia 1520. Plus, he is disabled, and this would be much easier for him to use than Android or iPhone. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. My wife loves the camera on her 1020 and loves that she can group text with her friends that have IPhones.

  20. The 1520 here, looks to be my favorite. It would easy for my brother to see, with that nice big screen, and the Cortana is perfect for my brother. Hard for him to push buttons, icons, etc, so he could just talk into this. Super!

  21. Have not had a Nokia in a quite a while. I’d love to get into a worthy WinPhone. The display and build are on par with my native Android favorites.

  22. I love it. Windowsphone is easy to use and faster than Android phones! Càmera is really awesome ????

  23. I want to win cause it is time for a phone upgrade and I love the 6? display and Carl Zeiss optics!

  24. I wan to win a Lumina because I.m tired of talking on my l,ow budget Walmart phone… and step into the 21st century!

  25. Lumina 1520 is my favorite because it features a 20 MP sensor with PureView image processing technology

  26. I have a Lumia 520 and love it. It is getting a bit long in the tooth and this would be a perfect replacement.

  27. I’d love to replace the older flip that I have right now. This Lumia looks great and love all the features it offers. Thanks so much.

  28. My favorite is the 1520 phone. Love the great colors in comes in and all the features, like the camera and the display size.

  29. I would love to win the Lumia 1520 because my two year old Samsung Galaxy S3 is in desperate need of an upgrade! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

    Jenn Foreacre, x@jenn.nu aka kissmykitty

  30. I would love to win because my Galaxy just broke and I am without a phone. I love the Lumia’s screen size and camera!

  31. I have heard so many great things about this phone and being a Mom on the go a good smartphone is necessary

  32. Used to have a Lumia for my work phone…I really miss it and would love another but can’t justify the cost right now.

  33. The 1520 is my favorite because it has the 20MP camera which takes awesome pictures to display on it’s 1080p screen!

  34. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The reason why I want the Luma 1520 phone is EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!! It’s well thought of the operating system and apps.

  35. I would love a nokia lumia phone!!! There’s so many reasons why but mostly the bold look, awesome camera and CORTANA!!! with three little ones I could sure use a phone that reminds me what i need to get done!

  36. The Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM is the one I like. The camera quality and the dual sim option is just what I need.

  37. i can get the color that defines me and the 1520 sounds amazing!!! I’m in need iof a great phone

  38. I need a new phone and also a new camera. The camera on this phone is great, so it would be nice to have one gadget that works great for 2 things.

  39. I want to take gorgeous photos on-the-go, and have my pics sync with the cloud, where OneDrive automatically tags and helps me share albums with family!

  40. I would love to leave Sprint and their pathetic selection of windows phones. This is my gateway to AT&T and Lumia

  41. I heard nice things about the Lumia! Love the color choices too! I would love one! Escpecially Cortana and it has MS Office! Keep productivity up!

  42. I love my Lumia 920, but the screen real estate and improved camera of the 1520 would be awesome.

  43. I want a Lumia because my current phone is barley able to do basic Smartphone things. It’s not very smart.

  44. I like the Bright Green Nokia Lumia 1520. I like the bright color because I am so tired of all phones being Black. Plus I love that it’s a Windows phone. I love that I can keep my calendar on my PC and phone organized without having to do anything.

  45. I want Lumia all because of Windows 10 bringing universal apps on it. I want my phone to have almost all the capabilities of a PC, where soon Lumia will do that for me with windows 10. That’s it…..

  46. I can’t say which one is my fav since I have never owned one. I would love to change that!

  47. I really want to win because my oldest son has been asking for a phone and he’d be thrilled if I won this for him.

  48. I live in Canada and currently sport a Lumia 1020. As a WinPhan, I would love to have a Lumia 1520 to show people how a Windows Phone that is older can still kick the crap out of the Galaxy S5 & S6, not to mention the iPhone 5 & 6. It is an arguably superior product and we did not get it in Canada. Short of buying online (which I cannot justify) I will not be able to own one any other way but to win in a contest.

  49. I have a basic cellphone and I would love a phone with Lumina’s state of the art technology.

  50. Microsoft is one of my most favorite companies and I have never had a windows operating system phone, and I would really like to especially because my current mobile is very unimpressive, plus I consider the Lumia 1520 to be one of the best Nokia phones, so far. Thanks!

  51. The Lumia 940 is probably gonna be my favorite based on its running Windows 10, the Snapdragon 805 processor, and the 24 MP camera.

  52. I would have to say the Lumia 1520 is my favorite. I’m a picture fan and would love to have a powerful camera phone with me when I don’t have my DSLR or point and shoot with me (which is often).

  53. I would love any Lumia phone because my current phone is on it’s last legs. Also from what I’ve read it would be a good fit of applications and power to meet my current needs.

  54. i never really have had a phone, but i will be willing to try this one.. just don’t have the funds to go buy a really expensive phone

  55. I have such a old phone and my kids keep telling me to upgrade.. so I think I might be ready to try it and why not with a lumia phone?

  56. Id love to have a lumia because its windows environment is very compatible to me as a student 🙂

  57. I am wanting to try a windows phone. I like the size of this as my eyes aren’t the best anymore and I need to enlarge things to see them properly.

  58. The 1520 or the 1020, they both look awesome and the camera on the 1020 is amazing! Would be fun to switch to a new type of phone, always been a droid guy before.

  59. Because it’s yellow and so pretty! Haha, is that shallow? Actually my blackberry is old and doesn’t run everything I want it to. This one would.

  60. Doctor says I have 1520 vision. A 1520 with Carl Zeiss optics will help me see better.

  61. I Want A Lumia Phone Because The Phone I Have Is So Outdated… I Need An Upgrade!

  62. My phone is a hand-me-down from my dad and it doesn’t work 99% of the time. I’d love to just have a working phone for emergencies and this is one fashionable phone! 🙂

  63. I currently have a Samsung s4 that freezes up when trying to message, call, take pictures, browse online etc and it’s so annoying. I’ve heard great things about the lumina phones and would love to have something up to date that would also be great for taking photos of our kids. Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. I think the lumina 1520 is my favorite because it is a newer one and I would be able to do everything I need and would love to do with it. Also they say the camera is amazing on it & it’s packed with lots of features.

  65. I would like a Lumia, because it would get me into the MS Windows ecosystem. I already have a Xbox and a Win 8.1 laptop(running Win10 preview) And really want a WP but cant afford one at the moment

  66. I made the mistake of selling my previous Lumia for another phone and we are getting ready to take an awesome vacation to the Grand Canyon and The Arches in Utah. It would be great to have this phone to capture those memories

  67. I think anyone without a Lumia should have one or at least try it for a week so they can fall in love with Lumia Phones

  68. The 1520 because of the larger screen and still stellar camera. It’s a beauty to hold. Love the colorful shells, too.

  69. I think these phone look Awesome! I would Love the large display! My phone decided to die on me so Im phoneless at the moment and would Love to give ths fantastic phone a Great home!

  70. I need a phone that’ll stick out in a crowd of iPhones and Galaxy smartphones and this bright yellow will most certainly do the trick and convert me into a glorified beacon!! The 20MP PureView camera will be used to capture those gaping eyes!!

  71. I don’t need a new phone but I have a buddy who is a Lumia fan boy and making his b-day a bright one would be awesome.

  72. I want a Lumia because i think its the most coolest and innovated phone on the market. There’s nothing that you can’t do with this phone not too mention all the vibrant colors it comes in! 🙂

  73. Definitely would like a lumia. The camera is spectacular. The size of the 1520 is also pretty sweet

  74. The lumia 1020 would be pretty sweet to have. The camera is a crazy 42 megapixels. The 930 would probably be my favorite. It hits the sweet spot between form and function

  75. Bc I still rock the lumia 900 which runs wp 7.8! If that’s not dedication to windows phone then I don’t know what is!

  76. Lumia phone has awesome camera, and it looks beautiful too :). Its big screen will be great for my dad.

  77. I want to win a Lumina because my current phone is ancient and it would be nice to have a great phone.

  78. The Lumina 1520 is my favorite because that’s the old address of a dear friend of mine (plus, the phone is awesome)!

  79. I need a new phone because I’ve been using my Samsung S1 for several years now. I cannot use any apps like Facebook and Facebook Messenger because my phone is outdated. My favorite Lumia phone is the Lumia 1520 because of the large 6″ screen. The Lumia 1520 will help me stay in touch with my fiancee because we are far apart from each other due to her job relocation. It is hard for us to stay in touch.

  80. My phone is 3 years old, I am def in need of an upgrade! But just the photo shots alone that I’ve seen on Twitter, beautiful! Lumia’s ALWAYS have amazing reviews, too!

  81. I’d love to win the Lumia phone for my son. He’s had to revert to an older one after his new HTC one took a ruinous crash.

  82. I need a new phone really bad , mine is so old it is a stupid phone .Need a smart one.

  83. I want a Lumia Phone 1520 because my phone is not working right and I would love a fantastic phone with a bigger screen!

  84. The Lumia 1520 sounds like an amazing phone to have. Lots of great features I could use.

    Florence C

  85. I’d love to have a phone that has a great camera in it so I can capture all the cute things my kids do 🙂

  86. I would love to have the 1520 Lumia for the 6″ display, readibility in sunlight, and built in Microsoft Office.

  87. I like the Windows Phone OS and the Lumia colours and quality. Plus I have a horrible BB at the moment and a Lumia would be a huge upgrade.

  88. The Lumia 930 is my fav. It has a large screen, great camera and supports the latest OS updates.

  89. I lost my iPhone a couple of months ago just before I was going to upgrade to a Lumia – now I’m using an old flip phone 🙁

  90. I have an older Lumia 810 that has a very good camera. I travel doing agricultural development work and the Lumia 1520 would be perfect for making photo and video documentation! Also wonderful for keeping in touch while away.

  91. Because i don’t have a phone at the moment, i share one and its time to get my own again!

  92. I like all the lumia phones, the 1020 is the one i have been using and i love the style and the screen layout.

  93. I would love the Lumia 1520 phone for the great camera it has and amazing colors to choose from. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  94. My current Lumia 920 has been aging quite well, besides some scratches on the screen(thanks to my house key), I’m not really sure if I could fork out the money for an upgrade. I would be very excited to get my hands in one of these, as ATT doesn’t offer the Lumia 930 in the US.

  95. I’ve never used a Lumia phone and am excited to try it and see what it has to offer. I’m think I will fall in love with the live tiles and camera features.

  96. I would love this because the phone I have right now is really old and I love the Lumia’s design

  97. The Lumia phones are excellent phones with really neat features because Microsoft has worked hard to earn a place in the smartphone game.

  98. I do like the Lumia 1520. I like the generous screen size, amazing camera, and bright colors.

  99. I would love an upgrade from my old cell phone to a new Lumia 1520. I love the Lumia 1520. I love its features.

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