This Man Received His Divorce Papers via Facebook

It’s easy to miss sometimes because we’re living through it and it’s all we know, but society is undergoing historic changes in an extremely short amount of time because of the advent of the internet. Everything about the internet seems weird and strange, because it’s all so new. But, these barriers need to be broken and new norms created to fit the changed world we live in, one awkward transition at a time.

What I’m saying is, you can now serve divorce papers using Facebook.

That’s the precedent being set in a Manhattan court ruling to help a woman get a divorce from her very hard to find husband. According to a Daily News report, 26-year-old Ellanora Baidoo of Brooklyn has been seeking a divorce from her husband, whom she married in a civil ceremony in 2009. After he reneged on the promise of a follow-up traditional Ghanaian wedding ceremony, the two fell out, and their communications were apparently limited to phone and online interactions. Like, say, Facebook.

That made it tough to serve divorce papers, because you can’t serve someone you can’t find—until now, that is. After her husband left his apartment in 2011, there’s been no official address on record, and Baidoo had no idea where to actually find the guy. But, she did have his Facebook account, and now that’s enough. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper decided that divorce papers can be served using Facebook Messenger, which Baidoo’s lawyer wasted little time in doing.

No word on whether or not Facebook’s “seen by” confirmations will play a role, but you have to figure that’s the next logical step forward. And, it’s just one more reminder that if you’re going to try to go dark, staying on Facebook definitely isn’t going to help you.

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