Transform Your Fitbit Into Serious Jewelry with these Accessories

It’s been pretty well established that the fitness tracker market has split into two—those marketed to high-performance athletes and those marketed to everyone else. The latter group is full of 24/7 devices that track activity and sleep throughout the day—and they need to be 24/7, or you’ll be getting incomplete information about your health, activity and habits, which isn’t that helpful. That’s why we’ve seen fitness trackers become more and more like fashion accessories, with designer partnerships like the Tory Burch for Fitbit collection popping up to get people to actually want to wear the things all the time.

But, it doesn’t take an official designer collaboration to make a bracelet or necklace that can hold a small fitness tracker. Sure enough, we’re now seeing waves of unofficial fitness tracker jewelry accessories, including this slate from Funktional Wearables. They mostly have bracelets that can hold a Fitbit Flex tracker, but they do have a few necklaces to choose from, too. They go for the large gemstone look mostly, but if you’re not into that, they’re far from the only ones offering up homebrew fitness tracker jewelry—there are loads on Etsy, which probably went without saying.


The increase in homemade craft accessories is great for fitness tracker makers. While there has been a good effort to make official fitness tracker necklaces and bracelets, there simply aren’t enough of them to account for everyone’s tastes. Official designer products tend to be safe, unambitious designs that try to have broad appeal, and while there’s nothing wrong with that approach, it misses out on those who prefer alternative styles. Of course, there are so many alternative styles that the fitness tracker makers themselves could never hope to reach them all—a large, active community of individual sellers can do that much more effectively.

If fitness trackers have any shot of surviving in the face of smartwatches and attrition, they’re going to need to be fashionable in more ways than one. Small businesses and individual sellers are uniquely equipped to make that happen.

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