Make Mom Happy with These 16 Hot Gifts + LG VR Headset Giveaway

It seems like ages ago when you only needed to look to tech when Father’s Day rolled around. Hopefully you got the memo that times have changed, because moms are gearing up just as much as dads, and you’d be wise not to forget it this year. And it’s even tougher now—everyone is (not always successfully) trying to make tech fashionable these days with designer partners and thriving accessory markets. Point is, mom’s going to want tech this year, and she’s going to want to look good doing it. We’re here to help make that happen. We’re also giving away 5 LG VR headsets! So enter below to win one for yourself – or win one to give to mom.

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Custom Boombot Rex Speaker


The best gifts always have a little touch of personalization. And, while changing the color scheme might pull about a 2 out of 10 on the personalization scale, it’s better than nothing. You can head over to Boombotix, where you can order a custom Boombot Rex Bluetooth speaker with just the right color combination for mom. And, for $80, it’s not a bad little speaker in the audio department, either.

Nixplay Cloud Photo Frame


For the historian mom, get the ultimate digital photo frame. It’ll dominate any wall with precious memories that mom can curate from an app. It’s a set it and forget it thing, too—once mom has picked out her favorite photos, the frame will automatically turn off and on thanks to a motion sensor, so it won’t waste energy when there’s no one around to look.

Zero Gravity iPhone Cases


If the floral cases aren’t going to work for mom, maybe one of these chic cases from Zero Gravity will. There are loads of styles here, from understated black and white scenes to abstract designs bursting with color. Or, if mom’s a card-carrying member of the Illuminati, you can get her the Culture Clash case. Something for everyone!



GlossyBox is a subscription-based curated box of cosmetics goodies that get delivered monthly. And, it just so happens that the team is putting together a Mother’s Day box for next month—no better time to get mom started! There are always some great surprises in GlossyBox’s deliveries, and it’s often a pretty cheap way to get samples from some high-priced brands.

Ste. Michelle Snoqualmie 2013 ECO Riesling


If all else fails, wine is always a winner. If mom’s into the whole organic thing, this Riesling is made from organic grapes grown in the state of Washington’s Columbia Valley. It’s a sweet wine that should be on point for the late spring and early summer months.

Apollo Precision Tool Box


Tools aren’t just for dads! If mom is the handy one around the house, get her a tool box this year. Does she like pink? Get her this [easyazon_link identifier=”B005CMI4W2" locale=”US” tag=”chipchick-20"]170-Piece Apollo Precision Tools Household Tool Kit with Tool Box[/ea[/easyazon_link]plastic pink bin filled with pink-handled tools. Does she not like pink? Don’t worry, because there is also a red version available.

Tory Burch for Fitbit Double-Wrap Leather Bracelets


The latest in Tory Burch’s line of Fitbit Flex accessories is this double-wrap leather bracelet. It takes the metal detailing from her previous projects and puts it on some thin leather bands. It’s a solid choice for the fitness-conscious mom who doesn’t dig some of the heavier bracelets that usually get paired with the Fitbit Flex.

HTC One M9


First flowers fall, then jewelry. With Big Smartphone moving toward more jewelry-like designs on their premium selections, who needs the gems? Might as well get mom something that looks like a gem that she can use to buy other, actual gems with the touch of a button. The HTC One M9 has a lovely finish, but there’s a lot of beauty on the inside, too. It’s one of the best smartphones we’ll see this year—mom will approve. And, while we’re on an HTC kick, you can follow that up with a custom card printed using HTC Print Studio.

Alaska Glacial Mud Masque


It’s a beauty cream made from all-natural Alaskan glacial clay. Look, I have no idea if this [eas[easyazon_link identifier=”B000VHTCH4" locale=”US” tag=”chipchick-20"]ka Glacial Mud Masque[/easyaz[/easyazon_link]orks or not, but it made it out of Shark Tank, and if mom watches that show religiously, she’ll probably get a kick out of getting a jar of the stuff either way.

Knomo Dering


You could get any number of fashionable, tech-friendly accessories from Knomo, but this year, we like the Dering. This chic, stylish nylon pouch is waterproof with leather accents and a 3,000 mAh battery pack that can charge most smartphones one to two times over.

Exuviance Beauty Sleep Edition


Help mom feel ageless with these age defying skin care products from Exuviance. Their Age Reverse HydaFirm lifts, firms, strengthens and intensely hydrates, while their Evening Restorative Complex helps reduce signs of aging by improving fine lines and texture, and their Super Retinol Concentrate helps firm, smooth wrinkles and texture while you sleep.

Next Issue


Is mom big into magazines? Get one subscription to end them all—Next Issue is a reader app for print and online magazines that brings magazine subscriptions into one place. Mom can flip through any magazine or just check out the latest issues or top stories. The best part is that no one has to pay for individual subscriptions—$15 per month gets you unlimited access to all weekly and monthly magazines on Next Issue.

Dell XPS 13


Our early leader for top lightweight laptop of the year, the Dell XPS 13 combines a top-of-the-line display with the latest in laptop processors, all for a pretty decent price. And it has ports that you might actually need, which is more than can be said for some other laptops.

LG VR for G3


What’s the easiest and cheapest way to get mom tripping out on VR adventures? Well, if she’s in need of a new smartphone, you can buy her an LG G3—the Google Cardboard-based LG VR for G3 headset comes free with purchase, and simply requires mom to insert the phone into the headset for good times with VR. If she already has a G3, you can enter a sweepstakes to score a headset, too. Good luck! Those videos of mom freaking out to VR trips are going to be instant family treasures.

CandyShell Inked iPhone 6 Plus Cases


Flowers only last a couple weeks, tops. Funny enough, that’s about the same lifespan an unprotected iPhone 6 Plus has, so instead of getting mom flowers this year, get her a floral case from Speck’s colorful CandyShell Inked line. The case might not smell as good, but mom will love it next time the resident toddler learns about gravity by chucking her phone into the ground.

Amazon Fire HD 6

amazon fire

OK, at $99, it’s more “under $100” than under $100, but either way, that’s still a pretty low price for a tablet. The Fire HD 6 is as small as a tablet gets at 6″, but though she be but little, she is fierce—a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, a 1280 x 800 HD display, and a rear camera capable of taking 1080p video make this tablet a solid value.



  1. I’m a mom and think the Dell xps 13 is the coolest thing on this list. Could also use a new laptop. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. My favorite gift on this list is the Dell XPS 13, because my mother could use a good laptop. The Nixplay Cloud Photo Frame would also be good, because she also loves viewing photos of her grandchildren.

  3. I personally love the Custom Boombot Rex Speaker! I’m actually in need of one so i’m definitely going to hint this one to hubby 😉

  4. the glossy box i get it monthly for a year now and i love it would be nice to pamper her

  5. I think I’d have to say the HTC One M9, a smartphone is the type of gift people will use EVERY day which I think is cool.

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