Marvel’s Iceman Comes Out as Gay

We learned two things about the X-Men today. Well, one new thing and one old thing. The new thing is that Iceman is gay, as will be revealed in tomorrow’s release of “All-New X-Men” #40. The old thing is that there is really no point in keeping secrets from Jean Grey.

As part of the current run of time traveling adventures, Jean Grey and Iceman are together when Iceman remarks on the hotness of Magik. Jean Grey, who can read minds, calls Iceman on it, says he’s full of it, and that she knows he’s gay. Iceman admits it, because what else are you going to do when you’re talking to a telepath? I don’t think that Jean Grey is going to buy that her mind reading powers got messed up for some reason.

Anyway, Jean Grey accepts him with open arms, like a true friend, but I dunno man. Digging into your friend’s mind and using the contents therein to haul him out of the closet? That’s a pretty controversial approach. I feel like that’s maybe not quite NSA-level power abuse, but I also want to say it’s in the same ballpark. Jean Grey needs to cool it with those powers, but hey, when has that not been the case?

Via Good Morning America / Image via Deviant Art