Tensio is an Apple Watch App That Helps Manage Your Blood Pressure

We’ll be honest, a lot the Apple Watch apps we’ve seen in the early going have been of, let’s say questionable usefulness. An early app that looks to buck that trend is Tensio, an app that adds to the Apple Watch’s health tracking functionality by adding a way to manage your blood pressure.

While it’d be pretty incredible for the Watch itself to monitor blood pressure, no dice—you’ll still need a dedicated blood pressure monitor in order to use Tensio. Tensio exists as a data aggregator and analytics engine, taking in information from a range of other devices and telling you how to manage high blood pressure. A lot of that information you’ll need to provide manually, including any blood pressure medication you’re taking and dietary information. That will be combined with data taken from digital scales, the native fitness tracking sensors of the Apple Watch, and information from your doctor to create daily alerts and suggestions on how to keep high blood pressure in check.

This kind of app is handy as it is, but it also represents the whole point of Apple’s HealthKit platform. The easiest way to use Tensio is to have blood pressure monitors and digital scales that are HealthKit-compatible. This makes all of your fitness and health information available to both your doctor and the app, so you can end up with a personalized action plan for you to follow. The rub with HealthKit and, really, health tracking in general is that you need to buy in 100 percent—Tensio will only work as intended if you’re giving it complete and consistent information. If you skip out on providing your weight, there’s the chance that apps like Tensio will give you suboptimal suggestions, which definitely isn’t what you want when dealing with your health.

But, if you have the health tech infrastructure in your life to make Tensio work—and, admittedly, if you have an Apple Watch, there’s a better than normal chance you do—you can try the app out now. It’s available on the iTunes App Store for $3.99.