This 21st Century Kitchen Will Bring You to Tears [Sponsored Video]

Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Well, we might all be in our own digital worlds for much of the day, but we still have to eat. That simple necessity brings us together in the kitchen, and it’s been the inspiration behind the many home appliances GE has made for the kitchen. This year, GE is going beyond the technology, as they explore what the families of the 21st century kitchen look like in their Our American Kitchen short film series.

GE visited six modern American families to discover what’s changed in the modern kitchen and, more importantly, what’s stayed the same. That includes the Richards family from Orchard City, Colorado—Ken and Doris live out in the country with their five kids, where they explore the familiar and the unknown. The couple has adopted two daughters from Sierra Leone and two sons and one daughter from Vietnam, making for a multicultural home and a lot of fun in the kitchen.

The kitchen is where the Richards family learn a little more about each other through food. Through traditional dishes from Vietnam and Sierra Leone, the family explores what makes them different. Exploring and celebrating differences is the only way we ever really grow closer, so it’s only fitting that the Richards’ kitchen has become not just a meeting place, but where they’ve truly been able to weave their backgrounds and cultures into a close-knit family.

The feature on the Richards family is just one of the webisodes of GE’s Our American Kitchen series. You can check out another short about a couple of young farmers from Kentucky and stay tuned for the stories of how the other four families make their kitchens their own.

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