Monster SuperStar BackFloat Speaker Review

chipchickpick1The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and your skin is starting get a healthy looking glow again – it must mean summer is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited! After the doldrums of a long snowy winter, we are so ready to head to the beach and brush up on our water sports. With that said, the Monster SuperStar BackFloat is going to be the perfect companion this Summer.

We first got a sneak peek at the BackFloat earlier this year when Shaq decided to use it in his bathtub during the 2015 Monster CES presentation. I was skeptical at first with just how well this speaker would handle in water, we can say hands down it did just fine. In fact, the Monster SuperStar BackFloat has managed to bring the fun back into Bluetooth speakers. Which isn’t an easy feat given how many Bluetooth speakers continue to flood the market day in and day out.

Kayaking with the Monster BackFloat

The BackFloat is extremely light and portable. It is not much bigger than an iPhone 6 Plus, making it perfect for slipping into a backpack or perhaps strapping to a kayak – which I actually did – but more on that later. When you throw the speaker into the water, it resurfaces while still playing the music without any distortion. The rubbery shell conceals a Micro USB charging port, 3.5mm aux, and buttons to power on/off the device and a pairing button for Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to its durable rubber housing, there is no way any water is going to get into this and ruin the speaker. No matter how drenched we got it – the music still played on.

I would have liked if there was a carabineer included on the speaker, or some sort of handle string, so you could easily attach it to your bike or water tube. However, there is drawstring mesh bag. There is no AC Adapter but there is an included Micro USB cable to charge the speaker. On a single charge we got our BackFloat to last over 6 hours, with constantly turning it on and off throughout an entire day of being out on the water.


Setting up the BackFloat is painless and takes just a few moments  to connect via Bluetooth. Once I got it setup, I was ready to hit the water. Instead of perching it alongside the pool – I decided to be a bit more creative and strap it to my Kayak for a full day out on the lake. As I made my way across a pretty sizable body of water, the music was thumping and could be heard by revelers along the shoreline.

The music emanating out of the speaker is loud and crisp, while the bass comes thumping from the mini subwoofer that Monster has placed smack in the middle of the device. There was no feedback or degradation of sound as I made my way along the lake during choppy waves and then calmer ones. At one point I let someone else take control of the speaker from my kayak and they were able to control it a good 50 feet away with success.

Taking a dip in the pool


I absolutely loved the Monster SuperStar BackFloat – it is a fun speaker that you will want as your constant companion this summer season. And because of its easy portability, water resistance feature, and overall durability, it will help turn any drab day by the pool into a pool party. I highly suggest strapping the Backfloat on to a Kayak or maybe even a Jet Ski… the possibilities are endless. This is a perfect gift for the outdoor adventurer in your life who simply loves music, or for those who like to make bath time a little bit more lively. Monster’s SuperStar BackFloat speaker retails for $149.

Buy it!

The Good: Durable, versatile, lightweight, waterproof, and sounds great. The perfect pool party companion. Priced right.

The Bad: Would have liked a hook attached to the speaker.

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