Crazy iPhone Lenzcase Hides Spring-loaded Reading Glasses

We’re all about multi-purpose smartphone cases here, and if you think you’ve seen everything that can possibly by stuck to the back of one, you haven’t seen Lenzcase yet. You might want to grab one if you have problems seeing a lot of other things, too.

Lenzcase is a smartphone case with a spring-loaded slot on the back that stores a pair of reading glasses. The black polycarbonate case itself looks like it’ll provide decent enough protection for your phone, but the main thing is the reading glasses, which you can get in +2.0, +2.5, +3.0, and +3.5 prescriptions. To make the case workable and ensure that the glasses actually stay locked in the case when they aren’t in use, there are no frames, so you’ll need to hold these while you’re using them. Still, pretty handy if you need to read a menu or a sign and either don’t want to carry around a glasses case or always forget it in the first place.

Lenzcase joins ThinOptics, another smartphone/eyeglass case combo that holds a similar pair of glasses that actually clamp down securely to your nose. But, those come in weaker prescriptions, so if you’re in need of stronger lenses, it looks like Lenzcase will be your best bet this year. Lenzcase will eventually be available for the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, and iPhone 6 Plus, scheduled to launch in September (iPhone 6) and the holiday season (Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 Plus). We don’t know how much they’ll cost yet, but expect preorders to start as soon as July.

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