808 Audio Performer BT Headphones Review

Another day, another pair of headphones enters the marketplace. The latest contender is the 808 Audio Performer BT, a budget-friendly pair of over-ear headphones that can go wired or wireless.

What makes the 808 Audio Performer BT stand out from the crowd, besides its affordable price point is its overall design. They are far from the typical looking pair of headphones — deviating from the traditional plasticky design, the Performer BT features an extremely loud 808 Audio logo complimented by a lattice (honeycomb) design. So as far as looks go, these are certainly not what the other guys are doing.

Another cool feature of the Performer BT is the ability of the ear cup to swivel up — a feature that DJs will certainly appreciate. But will the average consumer? It’s hard to tell. Personally, I like the feature for when I need to quickly hear something without shutting off the music or even lowering the volume. The ear cups can swivel to the front and back of the headband easily and despite all the swiveling, the seal is still pretty decent overall.


On the back of the right ear cup you’ll find controls for play/pause and the volume controls. Connectivity between all of my devices, be it laptop or smartphone, was simple enough. There was no issue with setup and I was able to walk a solid 60 feet away without any sound distortion coming through the headphones. If you don’t want to go wireless, the Performer BT comes with a cable with an in-line, single-button mic/remote combo. Also included is a micro USB cable to charge the battery. It takes a little over an hour to get a full charge.

Considering that these headphones are targeting the budget crowd, it goes without saying that there has to be some weaknesses. However, the average consumer won’t notice them. The sound overall is average and one-note — one sonic isn’t emphasized over another. All genres that I tested sounded about the same which is great for those who really don’t care about extreme lows or highs. Sadly, you really don’t feel the full-bodied sensation you would typically get with more expensive over-ear headphones. With that said, they don’t sound bad given the price point, just average. Lastly, they sounded better when using the wire versus over Bluetooth, which suffered from a little bit of static here and there.


The 808 Audio Performer BT has a lot to offer a segment of the market that doesn’t have $400 to spend on high-end over-ear headphones. It has the looks, unique features like swivel ear cups, wireless and wired capability, and a great price. The sound is just average, but then again, this is coming from someone who is a supreme sound snob. For the typical consumer, price and looks are all that matters. The 808 Audio Performer BT retails for $99 and is available now.

The Good: Super affordable price, unique look, swivel ear cups, offers both wired and wireless options

The Bad: Sound is just average, not easily portable