Check Out These 38 Emoji Candidates in Celebration of World Emoji Day, Which is Real

What is real? How many people must agree on something for that thing to be real, in a general sense? Is it enough that the thing is real to only the few invested in making it so? Is it worth philosophizing about World Emoji Day? As usual, I have the answers to none of these questions (I’m hoping you know), but I can tell you that someone, somewhere considers July 17 to be World Emoji Day and that someone else decided to celebrate by releasing a list of 38 emojis in the works for next summer.

World Emoji Day (it has its own website) was willed into existence by Jeremy Burge, who also willed Emojipedia into existence. Why July 17? That’s the date on the iOS calendar emoji. But why is the date on the iOS calendar emoji July 17? It’s the date iCal for Mac was announced in 2002. Now we’re getting answers.

Unicode, being the standard for all things text since just about the dawn of personal computing, is by default the arbiter of emojis. They decide what deserves the honor of emojihood, and to celebrate World Emoji Day, they have a list of 38 emojis they’re preparing for the release of Unicode 9.0, which could be ready as soon as June 2016. Bacon is on there, which might be three or four years too late for bacon’s internet boomtime The selfie emoji would be more timely, while the likes of the shrug and the face palm are staples that will never go out of style. Lots of food, hand signals, and animals on there, too. There’s a duck, and a fox face, but fortunately for everyone, no duck face emoji is in the works. Then again, we’re still a year out.

The 38 potential new emojis are on the Unicode blog, along with what their hex codes would be if they become reality.


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