Griffin WatchStand for Apple Watch Review

Apple Watch is officially (kind of) a thing! We would expect the market to be booming with accessories, but we haven’t actually seen a lot of good charging stands out there for Apple Watch. Griffin’s “WatchStand” for Apple Watch is one of the first we’ve gotten our hands on. It’s very affordable and pretty basic, but gets the watch done with pretty elegant style. Griffin’s Charging WatchStand uses your charging cable to prop up Apple Watch in a few different settings and also offers a stand for your phone. It’s a great solution for charging your watch, and it will be even better once Apple releases their next version of watchOS.

The Griffin WatchStand (no points for a creative name) is quite basic, which actually makes it a pretty awesome accessory. It props up your watch with a few different options, has built-in cable management for your MagSafe connector, and will even prop up your iPhone. Because of its clean black conservative design, it’s a good fit for pretty much any room. Desks and nightstands are both great options.

The WatchStand comes in a few pieces and the setup is a piece of cake. You snap the main prices together, feed your USB charging cable down the shaft of the stand, set the MagSafe contact in place, and you’re good to go. The stand piece can actually be inserted into the main shaft a few different ways depending on how high you want the watch to sit and which direction you want it to face. The charging cable can also be wound around this piece to cut down on all the extra cable slack.

The stand has enough heft on the bottom to keep it in its place, but there’s also four short rubber legs helping that are non-slip and no-scratch. These legs make it so the cord can easily be run out of any side of the bottom of the base.

The front of the stand has a ridge that allows you to prop up virtually any phone. The phone sits on the ridge and leans against the shaft of the stand. There’s no charging or cable management included, but you can charge your phone regularly as it lays on the stand.

The Griffin WatchStand is an elegantly simplistic solution to propping up your Apple Watch while charging, and keeping it out of harms way. The built-in phone stand is a nice touch too. We’re really waiting for Apple to release watchOS 2 and enable night-mode so that the watch is a little more useful while it’s charging. This will also flip the orientation so the screen is always right side up. At the ripe price of $29.99, we’d say it’s definitely worth the money. If you’re looking for something flashier, more premium looking, or with better support for charging your phone too, you might just have to wait a little longer. The Griffin WatchStand is currently available from Amazon.com

Good: Affordable, Adjustable Size and watch orientation, Good cord Management for watch charger, Works well
Bad: No charging cable included (not a surprise), No charging support for your phone, Watches with heavier bands can slide off if not carefully placed