Nerd Block June 2015 Review and Coupon Code

The BRITISH INVASION is upon us! To that effect, June’s Nerd Block was focused on several lovely things that hail from the mother land.

So find yourself a seat, grab some tea and biscuits, and let’s check out what we found inside of June’s box:

  • Doctor Who Vinyl from Titan Figure! – Get your own 10th Doctor Who companion for whatever space/time adventure you’re about to embark on. He even comes with his own tiny sonic screwdriver!
  • Exclusive Bored T-Shirt – Sherlock lovers will instantly connect with this exclusive Tee.
  • Mr Bean’s Teddy – Teddy is as iconic as the man himself.
  • Mr Bean Bendable – With this bendable figure, you can twist and bend Mr. Bean to your will.
  • Monty Python Word Magnets – Create your own highly-quotable poetry to make your fridge the Holy Grail of the kitchen.
  • Exclusive Whovian Art Print – This print will delight any Doctor Who fan. The print runs in blue, but a highly-limited green version is included for a select few Nerd Blockers.

Overall, this month’s Nerd Block box was one of our favorites all time. That might be due to the fact that we’re very fond of the British. In particular, we love the Mr. Bean’s Teddy, and of-course, we can never get enough vinyls – and the Doctor Wwo Vinyl one is a great one.

Subscription boxes are generally very addictive, but Nerd Block is one of our favorites. That is because each month, Nerd Block serves up a dosage of geeky goods such as action figures, t-shirts and other surprises. The cost for Nerd Block Classic is $19.99 a month plus $9.50 shipping in the U.S. They also ship worldwide.


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