This Tiny Clip Will Save Your Lightning Cable From an Untimely Death for Under $10

Apple is very good at making brand new things that are bright, shiny, and pretty. They are less good at making products that stay that way for longer than a few months. That goes double for their cables, which start fraying at both ends within a year seemingly no matter how well you treat them. Aplars has a modest solution to this modest problem in their Tudia Klip.

The Tudia Klip is a combination polymer-silicone clip that fits around the end of the cable that leads into the connector, taking some of the load off the cable and protecting the inner wires of cables that are already frayed. They’re probably bigger than they need to be, but they had to fit the product name on there somehow, so we’ll give them a pass.


You can use the Klips for any cable, but being white (with a few color options for the tail end of the Klip), they’ve received the Apple designation. Besides, I don’t think there’s much clamor out there for protecting Micro USB cables — they tend to be better built anyway, and even if they weren’t, you probably have five or six of those things laying around ready to jump into action.

The Tudia Klip is available now from Amazon in a two-pack for $7 (a $1 discount, making it seem like a Prime Day holdover), and is available in blue, grey, green, pink, and yellow.

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