Self-Defense Umbrella Gets Handed Out to Women in India

The newest self-defense tool for women in India looks pretty familiar — it’s your standard, run-of-the-mill umbrella. But, this umbrella comes with a few helpful pointers on how to turn a run-of-the-mill umbrella into an all-purpose tool to fend off would-be attackers.

The idea was born out of concern for married women at home while husbands go to work abroad. Remittances are a big part of the economy in India, but that makes going to a money transfer location and picking up that cash dangerous — it’s all too easy for thieves to lie in wait near those physical locations. Vodafone is letting anyone send of the umbrellas using their Vodafone M-Pesa mobile money transfer service, which will make sure that the umbrella is ready for pickup at Vodafone stores when women need to pick up remittances.

The umbrella itself is nothing special (no hidden sword in the handle or any of that), but does have a few printed images telling women how they can use an umbrella to defend themselves — by opening it in the face of an attacker, or the tried-and-true method of a full-force thrust into a man’s sensitive area. The choice of an umbrella was for the sake of having something unassuming to carry — an umbrella won’t attract any extra attention, but it can be helpful if women get any unwanted attention anyway.

You can check out a video demonstrating the self-defense umbrella below.

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  1. Although on its face it is a ridiculous answer to one-on-one criminal violence, especially if the victim is a woman or an elderly person, but at least India is one step ahead of Great Britain, where use of an umbrella to defend against a violent crime is illegal.

  2. Better then nothing but it is starting to give would be victims a different mindset which is most important. If India allowed citizens the right to keep and bear arms they could arm themselves with a truly effective piece of machinery to stop attackers.

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