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You Won’t Believe How These 10 Crazy Rich CEOs Geek Out

I think there was a time when ‘nerd’ and ‘geek’ had clear, concise definitions. There were parameters, even if being enclosed in those parameters wasn’t always very pleasant — although I suppose getting boxed in never is. But, what was once associated with nerds — video games, comic books, card games, and the like — has now been absorbed into mainstream pop culture. Tell an avid A Song of Ice and Fire reader back in the ’90s about how popular Game of Thrones would be today, and they’d probably look at you like if you told them Cersei and Jon get together at the end of the series (hey, not over, could still happen).

If the stereotypes have been adopted by the mainstream, then what is a nerd? Today, it seems like a nerd is just someone who cares a lot about something — a kinder, gentler definition. It’s certainly not a pejorative term anymore, at least not the way it used to be. Point is, we’d like to think that these fabulously wealthy tech leaders would be proud to be called nerds in their own unique ways — and you might be surprised why.

Mark Zuckerberg

Photo by Martin Schoeller via Lightbox
Photo by Martin Schoeller – Lightbox

This tech magnate’s origin story doesn’t need a rehash — it’s already been made into a major motion picture, and the guy just passed the 30 mark. What you might not know is his affinity for fencing — he was captain of his prep school team, and apparently used the sport as the subject of one of his Harvard admissions essays.

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