Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones Review

We loved Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2 headphones, and now Bowers has done us a solid by making them available as wireless headphones too. Like the wired model, the headphones sport a closed-back design with rigid metal faceplates crafted from aluminum that are complimented by supple sheep’s leather. To that effect, the headphones scream luxury and both look and feel like a million bucks.


But not only do they look good, when it comes to build quality, the P5 Wireless headphones are outstanding. Weighing just 213 grams, they are also lightweight and don’t apply much pressure to your head. The leather ear pads have super soft cushioning that make the headphones a pleasure to wear. Even with my larger size head, the P5 Wireless headphones are incredibly comfortable to wear. As a matter of fact, they are one of the most comfortable pairs of on ear headphones we have ever tested. On the P5 Wireless, Bowers & Wilkins has added three buttons on the side of the right cup for pausing, skipping tracks, and taking calls. These buttons are easy to access and use while you’re moving about. The headphones also conveniently fold flat for transport with their ear cups that are able to rotate 90 degrees.

Ok, but enough about the look and feel, lets get onto their audio prowess. On the inside, the headphones are using the same drivers used in the P5 Series 2. Bowers & Wilkins says that even the ear pads have been acoustically optimized, and that the drivers inside are designed to sound like those of a Hi-Fi speaker. These headphones really are an audiophile’s pair of headphones, and if you can throw some Flac and lossless files at them, you’ll really be in heaven. Either way, all sorts of tracks sound crystal clear on them. In particular, instruments and vocals are very pronounced. The headphones also pack very clear highs, a strong amount of bass and treble, and it’s overall balanced. As a matter of fact, despite Beats headphones reputation for strong bass, the P5 Wireless headphones actually have stronger bass than the Beats Studio Wireless do. Finally, thanks to sealed ear pads, (passive) noise isolation is top notch.

The P5 Wireless headphones also works as a headset for phone calls. In general, call quality is good and you can hear callers clearly, but callers did struggle to hear us well on noisier streets.


Bowers & Wilkins has turned one of our favorite pairs of wired headphones into a magnificent pair of wireless headphones. And just like the wired version, the P5 Wireless looks, feels and sounds luxurious. We also can’t get over how crazy comfortable they are. Overall, the headphones look and feel like a pair of headphones that cost a lot more than $399, so don’t let their price tag scare you away. A 2-year limited warranty is also available when you purchase the headphones from Amazon or an authorized dealer.

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The Good: Phenomenal build quality, crazy comfortable to wear, great noise isolation – even on a busy street, audiophile performance, good call quality, folds flat for travel, pretty lightweight, luxurious design, as soon as you plug in a 3.5mm cable the battery is smart enough to automatically shut off, up to 17 hour battery life, easy to use buttons located on the right cup, comes with carrying case.

The Bad: Strong bass might not be for everyone.

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