Kosta is a Smart and Affordable Alternative to an Apple Watch Stand

Don’t call it a watch stand, call it a coaster. That is because BlueLounge’s new Kosta Apple watch stand has a small footprint and a design that is more reminiscent of a traditional cup coaster. And unlike the typical Apple Watch stands out there, your Apple Watch is able to rest inside the charging coaster in the perfect position for Nightstand mode.

The coaster also has a magnetic center which makes sure that the Apple charger cable stays in place at the center of the Kosta.
In addition, the Kosta is made of a soft silicon-rubber material to ensure that it stays secure on any surface, and that type of material also helps prevent the Apple Watch from getting any unnecessary scuffs.

Kosta is available in black, dark grey, light grey and lime green. But not only do we like the color choices – we also appreciate that, retailing for just $14.95, it’s affordable than the typical Apple Watch Stand.