Turn Your Apple Watch into a Pocket Watch

Let’s face it: Sometimes, your Apple Watch just doesn’t quite look right with your cocktail dress, but you really need the convenience of seeing app notifications your smartwatch. What’s a girl to do?

Bucardo, a company that aims to seamlessly integrate technology with fashion, has designed an elegant line of accessories that will transform your Apple Watch into a pendant necklace or a pocket watch, with aesthetics seemingly from a bygone era. Although your device won’t be able to monitor your heart rate or track your steps as accurately when it is worn off your wrist, it’s worth prioritizing your style over function sometimes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.44.35 AM

Inspired by the look of classic timepieces and antique jewelry, each piece in its Pendulum Collection is hand-crafted in America, and made of such premium material as plated 18K gold, sterling silver, as well as Swarovski crystals. Whether you prefer a pendant necklace or a pocket watch, each piece is essentially a patent-pending case that holds your Apple Watch (sans straps) securely in place, with extra loops to connect to either a necklace or chain.

Those with a 38mm Apple Watch has a choice between the Locket Pendant or the Charm Pendant Necklace, while the slightly bigger 42mm watch will only fit the pocket watch accessory, unfortunately.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.43.28 AM

As its name suggests, the Locket Pendant Necklace features a cover for your Apple Watch, which conveniently shields all the constant notifications that flash across your display. While the Starburst design features an embedded Swarovski crystal, the Constellation is more subtle with engraved with stars throughout.

The Charm Pendant Necklace, on the other hand, has no cover and is designed to dangle interchangeable charms at the bottom of your device. This gives you an opportunity to continually update this look by getting a new charm or digital watch face to match your outfit or mood.

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Eager to get your hands on a necklace or pocket watch accessory from Bucardo? First, it needs to get enough backers on Kickstarter before the Los Angeles-based company can mass produce these beautiful pieces from its collection. You can show your support by pledging anything from $5 to $5000 to help this product take off. If the company reaches its funding goal within the next 15 days, the first device should arrive just-in-time for this holiday season in October, starting at $150.