Twitter Becomes Like Everyone Else, Removes Character Limit on Direct Messages

In one way, Twitter became just like every other messaging service out there today, abandoning the 140-character limit and replacing it with nothing. Twitter DMs and group DMs are now essentially indistinguishable from your Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp conversations.

According to a blog post from product manager Sachin Agarwal, the change will roll out over the next few weeks in updates to the site, the iOS and Android apps, TweetDeck, and Twitter for Mac, with update for other platforms (Windows 10) to come later. The change only applies to direct messages, so you’ll still have to wring your hands over which words to cut from your too-wordy tweets.

According to the post, the change is’ another big step towards making the private side of Twitter even more powerful and fun.’ I guess the first part is technically true, although if Twitter was looking at their DMs as something less powerful than other apps and saw this as problematic, there was nothing stopping them from making this change a long time ago. Kind of weird to see Twitter abandon one of the things that differentiated itself, although just making the change to private DMs probably won’t have much impact on Twitter itself. It also doesn’t seem like a change that many users were clamoring for, so it’s a good bet Twitter has some ulterior motive for making the change — and I’d double down on us finding out what that motive is sooner rather than later.