Frozen Free Fall Comes to the Big Screen

A company the size of Disney is allowed to take chances. And so this week they’re releasing Frozen Free Fall, a game that’s already had millions of downloads on mobile phones.

This new release takes place on big screens. Big gaming screens, that is. Disney is betting that women, who make up the majority of participants for the mobile game now want to take Frozen action to the out of the mobile realm and into the family room. The platforms where Frozen will debut include Xbox, PlayStation, and PCs (Steam) to be exact. (Notice that the Wii is missing from the list.)

Now Frozen isn’t the Call of Duty or other role playing game that you typically see on these large gaming screens. It’s one of those lame-brained, but addicting “match three” games where you get points for lining up like colors.

“We’re experimenting with the hybrid mobile/console game, “ said Chris Heatherly, head of Disney’s mobile and interactive games business “We think that the big screen invites multiple players in a family. It invites community and more interaction and lots of special events. “The mobile screen is typically about one player; this is for the family that games together, continued Heatherly.

Whether or not women and girls will flock to consoles remains to be seen, but to date Frozen Free Fall is Disney’s biggest mobile success. The biggest problem I can see is that unlike casual games on Facebook, Candy Crush, or the new multiplayer mobile games like Mars Pop, Disney does not allow play over the Internet — it’s contained inside the family room.

And it doesn’t take advantage of the platform’s gesture based play, either. Like other mobile games Frozen Free Fall is available for free with chances to spend micro-currency to gain special levels and access.

Can casual family games move breathe new life into the declining sales of the console market? According to a recent study in New Zealand 79 per cent of parents surveyed play video and computer games with their children. All over the world a generation of kids who grew up playing video games are now raising their own. Let’s see. Let’s see if Frozen sticks.