E-Ink Displays Are About to Show Up On Your Fridge

After making its debut at CES earlier this year, Triby took to the show floor at IFA 2015 to show the European crowd why it deserves to be the go-to gadget for kitchens all over the globe. Made by speakerphone experts Invoxia, Triby is a fun speakerphone with a small e-paper display and a magnetic back, so you can stick it on the fridge.

It looks like a light, cheap device, but appearances can be deceiving — inside Triby is the same technology Invoxia uses in their high-end conference call systems for businesses. The speakers are powered by Invoxia’s In Vivo Acoustic technology for audio output, while a four-microphone array and active background noise cancellation makes it great for calls over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth range is short at just 15 feet, but that’s still reasonable for something you’ll likely only use when you’re in the kitchen. Besides serving as a speakerphone for your smartphone, Triby has its own HD VoIP line, but in order to make or receive calls using that line, both you and the other line will need to be using a Triby device or the companion mobile app.

As a music player, Triby includes an FM radio and can play music over a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. It’s also compatible with Spotify Connect, so you can stream Spotify directly over a Wi-Fi connection. You can even assign Spotify playlists to Triby’s preset buttons!

The 2.9″ e-paper display is for household notes, reminders for roommates to do their dishes, and things like that. Notes can be left using the companion Triby app, so anyone in the home can leave a note from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection on their mobile device.

Invoxia also had updated availability information for us at IFA 2015 — Triby will ship in October and can be preoredered now from Invoxia or Amazon Launchpad for $200.