48 Adorable Doggie Halloween Costumes – and One Lonely Cat

If you’re a pet owner and you’re not getting your four-legged friend in on Halloween festivities, you’re missing out. Dogs are the ultimate Halloween accessories — they’re a blank, questionably willing canvas, and they’ll improve your costume by default just by being a dog in a costume.

In need of some inspiration? Possibly the world’s greatest pageant of costumed dogs went down last weekend at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, a celebration of furry friends angling for treats just as hard as your kids will be this weekend. The annual parade grows every year, now attracting hundreds of dogs (plus one appropriately dressed cat) and thousands of dog enthusiasts to New York to what we have to say is probably the world’s most adorable Halloween party. Might be the best outright, come to think of it.

Needless to say, we were there to document the festivities and pick out our favorites. As you can see, picking out our favorites was not easy.




If you have a litter of puppies available to you, this is a no-brainer. As popular as the Minions are, an army of puppy Minions would blow the originals away with ease. Tell me you don’t want to find a puppy you can strap one of those alarm hats on now. That’s Halloween gold.





I’m not sure your dog will be able to pull off this kind of costume with the panache and nobility of these dogs, but they can give it their best effort. Meanwhile, Halloween gets way easier for you — no need for a costume when you can just go out as your dog’s loyal subject.

The Three Little Pigs



Lots of things you can do with the dogpig. Get a few dogs together and you have the Three Little Pigs, like the ones above. Or, you can get yourself a spider costume and do a Charlotte’s Web thing. The main goal of Halloween is to not meet someone with the same costume, and I guarantee you no one else is doing Charlotte’s Web in 2015.

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