Fizzics Squeezes Draft-Quality Beer Out of Store-Bought Bottles and Cans

Beer technology continues to impress — Fizzics is one of the latest companies to graduate from Indiegogo to Brookstone (we would have also taken Sharper Image) thanks to their ingenious device that takes regular bottles and cans of beer and pours out foamy, draft-style beer. If it brings us one step closer to proper draft beer in the home, it has our full support.

Fizzics is a countertop-sized unit with a tap handle sticking out of the top. The inner chamber has room for anything between a can and 64-ounce growler — whatever you get in there, the machine will give it a foamy draft head using sound waves and a pressurized seal that preserves carbonation and creates uniformly sized bubbles. The end result is a foamier, thicker, more aromatic beer that at least goes some way in recreating the effect of getting draft beer in a bar.


It’s simple, too — just pop open a beer, put it in the chamber, then slip in a small plastic tube attached to the tap. Fizzics makes the magic happen, and you get a way better beer than you were going to get. No need to plug it in, either — Fizzics operates on four AA batteries.

Unsurprisingly, Fizzics blew past its Indiegogo funding goal in July and will now be sold online and at Brookstone stores for $170. During October, Fizzics will only be at a handful of Brookstone locations nationwide, but it’ll be widely available starting in November.

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