Goodbye Wet Dog Smell, Homedics’ Pet Plus Airmaster Review

We all love our pets, but the harsh reality is that sometimes our “domesticated” friends leave some pretty onerous odors. Homedics’ Airmaster with Pet Plus Tech lends all of us animal lovers a helping hand, leaving our rooms smelling fresh with top-shelf HEPA filters plus two more filters.

If you need a refresher on just what HEPA filter is, see our article on that here. It stands for high efficiency particulate air filter. For those of us that suffer from intense allergies or asthma, this means relief. Some particles are so small that normal filters, in vacuum cleaners for example, just kick up the particles and recirculate them. You may have noticed that you feel worse when you vacuum, and this could be why. A HEPA filter traps up to 99.97 percent of those malicious tiny beasts (as small as 0.3 microns), and prevents them from irritating your nasal and air passages.


Setup is fairly simple. There are three speeds for air purifying, but I kept mine on medium. Speeds range from a quiet hum to a fairly loud vacuum-cleaner-like level. Oscillation is another option, and there is a timer option for two, four, eight, and 12 hours, with an auto shut off after 12 hours.

Upkeep is fairly straightforward. No filter goes on forever — they require cleaning, but remembering to actually clean them is one of those little things that can just slip the mind. Fortunately, Homedics thoughtfully included both ‘Clean Filter’ and ‘Replace Filter’ reminders into the display. However, it is recommended that you vacuum the filters once every 30 days. This is best done using a HEPA vacuum brush attachment, or, if that’s not possible, bring the filter outside and use a normal vacuum brush attachment to clean them — that way, the material is not jettisoned into the air inside your home. The filter replacement schedule is as follows:

  • Pre-Filter: Vacuum once every 30 days, no replacement needed
  • PetPlus Odor Filter: Replace every six months
  • True HEPA Filters: Clean once every 30 days and replace every 12-18 months, depending on usage

A really nice perk of this product is that is works in a room as large as 189 square feet. My room is fairly large, about that exactly, and it really worked well. Having allergen-related asthma, I often wake up with a cough. I am not allergic to my dog, but I am sure that what my precious pup drags in from outside does not help matters. Using the Homedics Airmaster, I woke up cough free and have continued to do so for a full month so far. I found the sound soothing at night, akin to a sleep sound machine, with relaxing whirs. It changes all the air in a large room 2.5 times per hour, and much more for a medium or small room.


This is an awesome, well-thought out product that will stay with me for years. Upkeep is reasonable, and it is versatile in use. Although the primary application is for pets, it also works for smoke. If you live with a smoker but want some fresh air in your room, or if you move into a residence formerly owned by a smoker, this is a life saver. If you love pets and have many, this can handle it — the Airmaster is a workhorse. For $179.99, it is worth every penny. See Homedics for more.

The good: Three filter system, HEPA filter, easy to use, replaceable filters, timer, extremely effective

The bad: A little loud when on the highest setting

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  1. homedics doesn’t even sell it. you can get one at bed bath & beyond. but those two carbon filters are nowhere to be found on the bed bath & beyond in store or on site (nobody sells them – not even homedics). one filter is in stock (model #AT-OFL, or called “true hepa air filter). i think this is a discontinued model or something, plus, not being able to search homedics site for the model # (AT-PET01) for the unit – there is nothing. also, trying to order the pet air filter (AT-PETODR) is impossible, either from homedics or Bed bath and beyond. weird. i’m not taking the chance at getting one of these since not found on homedics page, either the unit or the pet air filter… not good.

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