Weenect Finally Throws Cats a Bone, Makes a GPS Kitty Tracker

Alright, I guess a lot of wearable trackers and safety devices made for dogs could be used for cats, too. Still, not a lot of ad dollars have been thrown the way of the felines, and that bums us out a little. Kitties need tech love, too, so we’re glad to see they’re getting some courtesy of Weenect, who have created a GPS tracker for cats that doubles as, yes, a phone.

What makes Weenect Cats a kitty gadget most of all is its size — at 5.5 cm x 2.0 cm x 1.0 cm and 25 grams, it’s far smaller than the dog trackers we usually see. Despite the small size, Weenect has managed to stuff two features into the tracker — a GPS chip and a SIM card for calling.

Like any pet tracker, Weenect Cats is built to prevent four-legged friends from wandering off — a must for cats, who tend to do that without compunction. With the companion app, cat owners can check where their cat is on a map or use the geofencing feature to receive alerts when their cat goes outside of designated boundaries. Push notifications and email alerts are free, but SMS alerts are sold separately through the Weenect store at €5 for 50 messages.

Beautiful cat isolated on white
Beautiful cat isolated on white


But, let’s get to that phone part! With an embedded microphone and speaker and the embedded SIM card, cats can be called from anywhere. Fortunately, there’s no way for cats to decide whether to accept or reject calls, because something tells me they’d usually pick the latter. Using the SIM card does require a kitty calling plan, though, and it’s a steep price to pay for the privilege of having semi-regular conversations with a cat — €30 for six months or €50 for a whole year.

Preorders are available now, with shipping scheduled for this December. The regular price of Weenect Cats is €169, but it looks like there’s a special preorder price of €89 being offered now (with free shipping in Europe). The kit includes one month of calling service and the tracker.

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