Jonathan Adler Has Created Three New Designs for the Moto X Pure Edition

Jonathan Adler has been quite the tech aficionado this year — first he designed some terrific Speck cases for the iPhone 6s launch, and now he’s back at it with a more permanent part of a phone. He’s designed three new back shells for the Moto X Pure Edition, and they’ll all be available for preorder before the month is over.

The Moto X Pure is this year’s stock Android version of Motorola’s ever-customizable Android phone, and it’s the first time Motorola has used the phone as a creative platform for designers. Jonathan Adler has contributed three designs to the new collection, including one with red stripes that form an X, one with contrasting navy blue and fuchsia half-circles, and another with a mesmerizing blue and white hexagonal pattern. Jonathan says that his goal with these designs are for them to be “chic and classique”, and for them to match every kind of outfit.

Jonathan says that his goal with these designs are for them to be “chic and classique”

All three of the Adler designs will be available for preorder on November 24 and will go on sale December 3, although they’ll come at a premium — a 32 GB model with an Adler design will cost $475 instead of the regular $400. We’re not sure if the designs will appear on the Moto Maker or will be sold separately — perhaps the latter, because this will be a limited edition production run. Either way, this seems like an exciting new direction for the Moto X, and we’re looking forward to what’s going to come of other design collaborations in the future.


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