The Merch Awakens: 23 Ways to Get More Star Wars in Your Life

We’re all excited for The Force Awakensespecially after that new trailer — but we’re just as stoked for the mountains of merch pouring forth from the floodgates opened when Disney bought Lucasfilm. Star Wars has been inextricably linked to its merch empire since the early days, but today that empire is striking back harder than we’ve ever seen — Disney even created a day dedicated to unboxing dozens of officially licensed toys, and with more movies in the pipeline, we wouldn’t be surprised if that became an annual thing.

But, Force Friday was just a spike — more merch has slowly been trickling in, and it all ranges from predictably awesome to things you never knew needed to come in the shape of R2-D2 (but totally did). So, we’re here to continue our ongoing coverage of Star Wars merch, as we become willing accomplices in Disney’s mission to give your wallet the full Alderaan treatment.

CoverGirl Star Wars Cosmetics Line


Well, if you absolutely need to have everything with the Star Wars name on it, CoverGirl put the Star Wars logo on some bottles of cosmetics. We are reluctant to go much further than that, as it looks like the marketing team took a day on this line. The mascara, lipstick, and nail polish don’t have cool Star Wars-inspired names or shades. Only for the 100% completionists of Star Wars fandom. Pricing begins at $5.94 for a single lipstick, to $99 for the entire lipstick collection.

Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer Star Wars Darth Vader Espresso Chocolate


This is more to drive home how ridiculous the Star Wars merch empire is than a suggestion that you buy this coffee creamer, but we’re not telling you not to buy it, either. And, in case you thought this was also another example of the Dark Side winning the merch wars, there’s a Chewbacca bottle available, too. You can get either one at Target, but you’ll need to get on your landspeeder and go to the store if you want them.

Heat-Changing Mug


Credit to whoever made this, because it’s pretty tough to make a merch mug that someone might actually want. This heat-changing mug kind of manages by lighting up the lasers and explosions, becoming a scene of space peace when your coffee gets cold. Can’t be having that.

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