Amazon Tells Some Customers to Ditch Their ‘Hoverboards’

The so-called hoverboard death watch continues. After reports of exploding hoverboards, a push to enforce laws against them in New York City, and a three-airline strong travel ban, Amazon is now taking the extremely unusual step of emailing some UK customers to tell them to abandon their hoverboards at the nearest e-waste center and providing full refunds.

Amazon has also pulled hoverboards from their storefront pending documentation from manufacturers proving that their products meet electrical safety standards. Since then, Swagway boards have gone back up, but many others, including cheaper brands, remain down. Amazon also sent out an email telling some customers who had purchased a hoverboard to take it to a nearby e-waste facility as soon as possible, treating them with the urgency of a ticking time bomb. Those affected are getting refunded automatically.

The email in question was with regards to battery charging — the email to UK Amazon customers indicates that certain hoverboards were shipped with a ‘non-compliant UK plug.’ However, more expensive brands like Swagway have also been called into question after reports of hoverboards bursting into flames mid-use. Apparently, Swagway was able to prove those boards were faulty models to get their boards back on the marketplace.

Pegged as one of hit holiday gifts of 2015, the hoverboard is now effectively on life support. At this point, it’d probably be a safe bet to ditch the trend altogether and, as it is with so many other gadgets we see around here, just wait for the second generation.

Via The Telegraph

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