Uber Drivers to Get 1 GB of Free Data from AT&T

Today, AT&T has announced a partnership with Uber that aims to make their network the most attractive for Uber drivers. AT&T will provide 1 GB of free data to drivers signed up for the Uber Momentum rewards program through AT&T Work, while offering discounts on monthly plans.

AT&T Work is a platform that allows employees and businesses to separate business and personal use on single devices. In this case, the free 1 GB can be dedicated to work use for Uber drivers, allowing drivers to use their monthly data allotments solely for personal use. That makes more sense for Uber drivers, who are still considered contractors and are responsible for paying for the data needed to run the Uber app and connect with riders.

This is an issue Uber has attempted to address with their Momentum rewards program. This makes drivers in the United States and London eligible for discounts on their wireless bills, access to health insurance marketplaces, and discounts on vehicle maintenance.