Want to Make Your Own Light-Up Sneakers? Here’s How!

A quick Google search will tell you there’s no shortage of LED light sneakers out there, but why pay the premium? The wonderful DIY advisers at Adafruit have released a new video telling you how to take a pair of sneakers and give them some LED shine on the cheap.

Adafruit laid out the plans for their Firewalker LED sneakers a while ago, but they’ve recently succeeded in making the project even lighter and cheaper. Starting with just a $10 GEMMA microcontroller, they walk you through adding a spring-loaded vibration sensor and modified strips of LED lights to regular old sneakers to give them some life with a little soldering here and there. By playing around with the code provided by Adafruit and the sensor you put in the shoe, you can make the lights flash in different patterns just by stomping or stepping. We’ve come a long, long way since L.A. Gear’s heyday.

The changes to the DIY kit have made it even cheaper — like a lot of DIY electronics projects on Adafruit, you might be surprised how inexpensive it is to pull projects like this off. If you’re looking for the satisfaction DIY brings and are interested in light-up sneakers and/or nighttime skateboarding and bicycling safety, give the tutorial a look.