AT&T is Sending Connected Scooters to the Streets

Cars aren’t the only vehicles getting connected. United States-based scooter maker Mahindra GenZe is using AT&T’s network and connectivity technology to power a new line of motorized, connected scooters aimed at budget- and environmentally-conscious city dwellers.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean anyone will actually be communicating with their scooter on the road. The GenZe 2.0 scooters, of the Vespa style, will instead have an AT&T Global SIM and connectivity to their Control Center, a platform designed to manage Internet of Things devices. That means drivers will be able to use their scooter’s connectivity to look at information like battery level and various driving statistics. The app will also display emissions and will let drivers shift between more powerful and more eco-friendly modes.

The scooter itself is powered by lithium-ion batteries, so emissions should be pretty minimal either way. It’s also got something even more useful for urban commuters — storage space in the back, because lugging around a bag while riding can be a pretty harrowing experience for all but the most seasoned of scooter riders.

We’re not sure when these scooters will go on sale, but they’re being shown off here at CES 2016. Scooter riding has never really taken off in the United States, so we’ll have to see if this turn for the electric and connected will start changing minds.

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